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I'm a fencer, writer, and visual kei fan who loves video games and giant robots alike! My favorite figures are listed below but in reality, I couldn't tell you what figures I really like the best, as it probably changes every day. In terms of video games, my favorites are Kirby super star, fighters megamix, paper Mario the thousand year door, super Mario galaxy, and Bushido Blade among many others. Visual Kei is also a big interest of mine, my favorite vocalist being "Ice", and my favorite bands being Mejibray, L the World, Born, Razor, the raid, codomo dragon, and probably The Gallo. Finally, I'd like to encourage people to say their thoughts on the figures I review in the comments as I'm very interested in your opinion!

What is your all time favorite toy?
Hg victory Gundam, masterpiece exhaust, gobots stinger, rotf bludgeon, hg Nobel Gundam, Titans Return Topspin


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